Kaolin Clay has astringent properties that draws out excess oil, dirt, and other impurities, soothing sensitive and easily irritable skin. Lemon contains anti-inflammatory properties that help prevent skin conditions such as wrinkles, ache, and pigmentation. These extracts contain citric phytic acid which cleans, brightens colour, removes dead cells, and promotes the growth of new skin. Both additives promote radiant glow moisturizing your skin after each use.

Lemon Peel With Kaolin Clay Organic Bar Soap
Lemon Peel With Kaolin Clay Organic Bar Soap

Rich in oils like Sunflower Oil, Shea Butter, Castor Oil amongst others.

Advantage of Lemon Peel

  • Lemon peel is one among the most effective ingredients which help to treat acne and pimples on the face
  • Treat hyperpigmentation on the skin.
  •  Lightens the Age Spots
  • Lemon peel provides natural hydration for your skin thus keeping your skin soft, supple and hydrated all the time.
  • Treats Stinky Feet
  • Lemon peel is a great exfoliator as it helps to cleanse your skin and also pulls out the dirt and dust from the skin

Advantage of Kaolin Clay

  • Acts as a gentle exfoliant
  • Because of its deep cleansing and exfoliating properties, regular use of kaolin clay helps tone skin over time.
  • Calms skin irritation and discomfort
  • Helps keep acne at bay
  • Absorbs excess oils
  • Useful for all skin types 

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