This must have been my happiest job of 2020…I literally cried when I saw her remark and trust me, she left an epistle of thanks.

All the way from Abuja, a consistent customer turned friend for over 2 years buzzed me in September that she wants corporate gifts for her dad in December and said I should do anything..she trusts me completely. The only thing she picked was the color blue because I insisted. The love and the trust…I picked out every single item, ingredient and packaging with my hands..drove to the market, picked the material, I had enough time to think creatively and I didn’t know why she completely trusted me until she told me how we met .

All I have to say is consistency, loyalty and good customer service pays. I went all the way on this job not just because it was her, but it’s actually what I would do for any other order, but unknowingly to me, it was actually something she saw with someone else that made her leave this entire job to me..and of course WE DELIVERED.

I am so so inlove with this job, I appreciate her, I appreciate my assistant who instantly started tying the bows…I am almost crying.. ❤️❤️❤️ See her testimonial below:

This is how we met

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