Sensual Oud Room Mist 150ml


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Sensual OUD room mists fill your space with romance, calmness, comfort, musk and sweetness.

The scent lasts up to hours, transforms your space and contains essential oils to promote relaxation & also serve as bug repellents.

Top notes – Light musk, peach and fresh orange

Mid notes – Musk and red fruits

Base notes – Light OUD and woodsy

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  • Eliminates tough odors with 4* more fragrance
  • Contains natural OUD oils
  • Premium Fragrance with less wet residue
  • Doubles as a bug repellent and is aromatherapeutic 
  • Ideal for your living room, bathroom, bedroom, hallways, kitchens & office
  • Fragranced with high-quality raw materials
  • Naturally made.

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