Ocean Mist Fabric Freshener


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Fabric sprays are designed to prevent your clothes from the damp smell, small holes in them due to insects and mould gathering on them.
Your clothes need to be constantly aired well enough and taken care of properly when stored in the wardrobe or suitcases.A handy tip is to always once every other day leave the doors or suitcase open to allow ventilation and constantly spritz your clothes with fabric fresheners designed to keep mildew away leaving your fabric fresh always.

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  • Eliminates tough odors on fabric with 4* more fragrance
  • Premium Fragrance
  • Prevents mildew on fabrics
  • Prevents moulds on fabrics
  • Ideal for your clothes, beddings, curtains and handy when travelling
  • Made with high-quality raw materials
  • Naturally made.
  • 250ml


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