Moisturizing Body Wash With Lavender and Oats


Moisturizing Body Wash With Lavender & Oats is a refreshing, calming, moisturizing and enriching body wash made with all-natural carrier and essential oils topped with the best extracts for a moisturizing, detoxifying, and purified after-feel.

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Take the edge of a long and stressful with this calming body wash. Lavender with other blends of herbs helps improve sleep and relaxation, suitable for skin inflammations and irritations. exfoliates the skin naturally, treats irritations and contains anti-inflammatory properties making it perfect for kids and adults.

It has a very thick consistency with a rich lather which makes bath time fun, energizing and enriching. 

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS - coconut oil, oat extract, lavender extract, tea tree essential oil, lavender essential oil, plus blends of other amazing essential oils and herbs.


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